Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 Green Mo tips

1. Make your Green Mo Smoothie first thing in the morning. I make about two litres. The smoothie is Best drunk as fresh as possible but I store any leftover in the fridge and sip it throughout the day. Find a great travel glass and take your smoothie on the road. Make sure there is a lid to prevent odd looks. In regards to the leftover fridge smoothie- Day old smoothie is better than NO green smoothie!

2. I want you to get all the nutritional goodness out of your smoothie so drink it on its own. If possible have no food a half an hour before and a half an hour after your smoothie episode. This allows you body to digest it without any interruption and you can suck up those nutrients faster.

3. I chew my smoothie, Yes weird but digestion begins in the mouth with the enzymes in your saliva starting off the digestion process in the mouth itself as well as triggering the stomach acid to prepare itself for food. SO many chemical processes begin with the simple act of chewing and it is important just in our normal meals as well. A tip I learned from a fantastic video from Running Raw, he said chew your smoothie until it is hot and sweet. I now try to apply that to all the food I am eating as well. And yes, I am one of those "chew your food" mums. How annoying.

4. Do not add starchy vegetables to your fruit smoothie. They do not combine well with the sugars in the fruit. There are some people that do, however I personally have found that my body rejects this food combination and upsets my stomach and produces gas. These veggies include Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, carrots, egg plant, squash, okra, peas, corn, green beans, pumpkin, and others. These are great in ONLY green smoothies that are a bit more of a raw soup version that we will do in the future.

5. Always rotate your greens. I mentioned this yesterday in my post. From what I have researched. All greens contain alkaloids for survival of the species. Alkaloids are a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds which mostly contain basic nitrogen atoms. A natural poison. If you use spinach or kale all week every week without any rotation the same type of alkaloids can accumulate in your body and cause unwanted poisoning symptoms. As well as rotating your Greens, you should also try to rotate your fruits, they do not contain these same alkaloids but more to enhance the flavour, change it up & follow the seasonal food cycle.

6. Don't use too many ingredients in your smoothies, 10 different fruits and 5 greens is just too many flavours and can be hard on your digestive system. Simple is often tastier and easier to digest.

7. Make your smoothies YUMMY. You want to enjoy them and you want to continue adding them to you daily or weekly schedule. You know what your body likes taste wise so use those fruits or greens that you like. This is your smoothie. Experiment and find out what YOU like

8. Make a record of your recipes that you try. Try to keep a journal of other foods that you are consuming as well as your energy and general feeling. I found that keeping a record really does show you the difference in how you feel weeks later.

9. You need a very strong blender for the best smoothies. I am very lucky that all mine are done in a Thermomix. Vitamix are also very good. If you don't have either of these commercial blenders can also do a good job. Get the toughest one possible! Get to know your blender. If you are worried or your smoothies are coming out all lumpy. Cut your fruit smaller and also do the tougher fruits first then add in other ingredients to try and take the pressure off the machine. Remember, A lumpy green Mo is better than NO green mo. Just remember the chew tip mentiond above. If you become a smoothie addict you should consider investing in a high powered machine. You will notice the difference to the taste but also the smoother it is the more smashed and ripped apart all the cells of the fruits and Greens and will make it easier to absorb all those SUPER DUPER minerals and nutrients.

10. Make smoothie drinking fun and include the whole family. Get your kids to help you make the smoothies, choose their favorite fruits and even choose a favorite smoothie cup! If they really do have an aversion to the colour to begin with invest from Kmart or any other stores a colored drink container with a lid to hide the colour of the drink within. We found some fantastic big smoothie glasses in Coles yesterday. Who wouldn't want to drink out of one of these! AND 2 dollars each.

Ill be discussing the best greens to add to your smoothie in the next few days! Enjoy, thanks for reading.


Go the Green MO!

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