Friday, October 29, 2010

Raw Vegan Banana Choc Ice cream

Well I successfully fed my two gorgeous girl a fantastic dessert tonight. It was a nice treat for them as we are not a dessert family and we arent too into ice cream or cakes or anything at all.

So when mum pulled out this Banana Choc ice cream their eyes lit up!

This great dessert is fast simple and yummy. I made it straight after dinner and took me 2 minutes.

Banana Choc Mock Ice Cream

4 Frozen Bananas (skin off)
1/4 cup of rice/soy/almond milk
generous pinch of cinnamon

Place all in the blender.
Blend from low to high for 1 minute until it looks creamy and lovely

Put in bowls.
Grate your appropriate chocolate over it. Ours is
"Loving Earths" Raw organic chocolate.

The girls loved it!

Mummy needed a bit MORE to make it not a glorified banana mash so I added a little peanut butter to mine and YUMMY.

A fantastic alternative to commercial ice cream. It even melts a little bit. :)


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  1. Yummo! Will definately be making this for my kids as their new after dinner treat.