Saturday, November 6, 2010

Its ok to be addcited.

Yes, I have to admit.. I ran out of "greens" today for our daily green smoothie and OH NO the devastation from the two and a half year old miss almost made me pack them in the bike buggy and go searching for some silverbeet.. "I WANT MY GWEEN DWINK" was on repeat all morning.. The baby lettuce leaves in the garden were looked at as an option but they just aren't there yet.

Luckily! I was saved by the Aussie Farmers Direct Box that provided me with some lovely Spinach leaves and bananas!! 2 Bananas, 1 apple and a handful of spinach mixed with some water and ice and we had our green mos on. That will teach me to slack off... sorry honey.. you love your "gween drink" and ill make sure I always have it available to you.. x Its ok to be addicted..

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